R+F Convention 2016 Recap

Convention in Las Vegas did not disappoint. It was such an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to collaborate with friends old and new, from all different professions and backgrounds, with different stories and reasons for joining the business. Some things we all had in common were an intense excitement, an optimism for the future, and a sincere desire to help people – both our customers and one another. Now that I have had time to digest it all, I want to tell you about some of the highlights. Here are my top ten moments from the weekend:
1. THE VISION. The opening address by Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields shared their vision for the company as THE leader in premium skincare both in the U.S. and globally through their commitment to innovation and quality.

2. THE BRAND. The launch of the new brand campaign, Life-Changing Skincare, encompasses the very core of what the products and the business have done for thousands of people both personally and professionally.

3. THE PAST. The updated statistics from Euromonitor show from 2010-2015 that R+F grew by 91.1% while its major rivals sustained single digit growths or even losses. Still R+F products were responsible for only 3% of U.S. skincare spending, showing an enormous growth potential. Customer satisfaction studies done by R+F showed that 92% of preferred customers are very or extremely satisfied with their consultant and 95% would refer R+F to a friend.

4. THE FUTURE. It is projected that Rodan + Fields will be #1 in the Premium Skincare market and a billion dollar brand by the end of 2016. Pre-launch for Australia is set to begin in December, bringing R+F to its third country including the U.S. and Canada.

5. THE INNOVATION. The doctors announced the much-anticipated launch of their new product Lash Boost after 5 years of research, development, and clinical studies to prove efficacy and safety. The doctors also hinted about a revolutionary new product release in 2017, a “new molecule” that holds water directly to the skin to combat dryness, suitable for any skin type.

6. THE TECHNOLOGY. The home office teams delivered a sleek new makeover for our website and new elegant branding for our regimens.

7. THE PHILANTHROPY. Amnon Rodan challenged our consultants to donate $500,000 in three days in order to earn a matching contribution from the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation, a challenge which we met and exceeded resulting in over 1 million dollars being raised for BuildOn. We had the opportunity to hear from the CEO and some students from BuildOn, an organization whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through education and service by empowering teens in poverty-stricken communities to make better lives for themselves.

8. THE CUSTOMERS. The leadership emphasized our company’s commitment to our customers and announced upgrades to the PC Perks program, including the removal of the $2.50 handling fee and free shipping on any order of $80 or more, any time.

9. THE CONSULTANTS. The consultants are viewed as an integral part of the organization, as evidenced by the roll out of even more incentive programs designed to recognize us for the work that we do as brand ambassadors.

10. THE COMMUNITY. I can’t stress enough what a wonderful group of men and women I was privileged to meet and collaborate with. I am already looking forward to Las Vegas again in 2017!!
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Michelle Papa


The Skinny on Acne

Think that your monthly hormonal breakouts are not really acne? Think again! If you are getting 5 or more pimples per month, you are one of the 30-40% of adult women who are acne sufferers. The good news is that although there is no cure for acne it is highly treatable. The right ingredients in the right order can address each of the components of the acne cycle, stopping blemishes deep in the skin before they start. As we all have experienced, there is no good treatment for a blemish once it appears, so prevention is the key!

So what causes acne? There are a variety of individual factors like genetics, stress, and hormones that come into play but the general mechanism is the same. First, a pore becomes clogged by the skin cells that are trying to slough off as a part of the process of normal skin turnover. Second, oil becomes trapped in the clogged pore. Third, bacteria flourish is this environment and release toxins. Finally, your immune system triggers the process of inflammation to combat the infection, which in turn causes redness, swelling, and pain.

The process of inflammation can lead to temporary or permanent damage to your skin in the form of hyperpigmentation or scarring. This can be much more difficult to treat, so again prevention is the most important thing that you can do! It is also very important to use sunscreen daily as this can contribute to the process of hyperpigmentation.

Does food cause acne? This a controversial topic and the answer has historically been “no” but more recent studies have suggested a link between diets that are high in processed foods, refined sugars, and dairy products. The best thing you can do if you have a suspicion would be to eliminate a certain food for at least 30 days to see if it makes any difference. It is also very important to keep your hands away from your face, avoid picking, and make sure your environment is clean (phone, makeup brushes, towels, pillow cases).

So what ingredients have been shown to be helpful? 

  1. Topical sulfur unclogs pores and combats inflammation.
  2. Alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid and azelaic acid also unclog pores.
  3. Benzoyl peroxide is anti-bacterial and has not been shown to lead to bacterial resistance.

I heard a comment recently that made a lot of sense to me…that we should start to treat our skin like we do our teeth. In other words, we don’t think twice about brushing our teeth twice a day to prevent cavities but it seems like such a chore to commit to a twice daily skin care regimen. In the same analogy, spot treating a blemish would be the same as only brushing the tooth with the cavity while ignoring the rest of the mouth. It really makes sense when you look at it from a different perspective!

I recommend the Rodan + Fields Unblemish regimen, which is clinically proven to combat the entire acne cycle by unclogging pores and fighting inflammation, preventing blemishes and blackheads before they become visible on the skin.  Https://mpapa1.myrandf.com/shop/Unblemish

I can also make personalized recommendations for reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scarring once your acne is under control – just private message me on Facebook (Michelle Papa), Twitter (@michellepapado), or Instagram (michellepapa001).  

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Michelle Papa
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